Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tiger Woods | Return of the Golf Jedi?

Return of a Golf Jedi Master...

As you may know, if you follow me on Social Media at all, I not only am a golf nut I am also a Star Wars Geek and if we are going to talk about a Master at the game of golf I have to include references to the Masters of "the Force" as well. ~ just my thing

Photo courtesy of upi.com

Love him or hate him Tiger Woods is one of the Masters of golf with out a doubt and if he has been away (not unlike Luke Skywalker) healing, meditating, practicing for his return then we must ask these questions.

Will we see a more confident and wiser Tiger Woods unleashing his new Taylormade M2 Driver on his foes striking first to make the "cut"?

Will he simply slide into his seat among the "Jedi Golf Council" only to let his presence be known when guidance and reflection is needed by the younger Jedi golf generation?

Will he be able to use the force "his experience" to successfully navigate the daily grind of a PGA professionals schedule and get back on track to a level of mastery not unlike the great Golf "Jedi" Masters... Jack Nicolas, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player?      

Photo Courtesy of golbytourmiss.com

We shall see the answers to these questions and many more I'm sure in the next few weeks as the media will have a field day analyzing and over analyzing everything master Woods does, says or contemplates while on and off the course.

For those that have not googled or watched various interviews to date here is what we expect to see in this Jedi's arsenal.

A new Sponsor will be on the bag Monstor Drinks
His Nike Irons will still be in play ...
And the earlier mentioned Taylormade M2 Driver  will be the "lightsaber / driver" of choice.

Although not a huge Tiger Woods fan myself I certainly respect his mastery of the game and I do hope the best for his return. He obviously has had a tremendous career to this point but the saga continues at a Golf Course Far, Far away ... Albany Golf Course, The Bahamas 

Will he be lost to the dark side of the force if his play is not up to par? Will he succumb to the evil empire of hype and media backlash with a missed cut or worse yet another injury leaving him like a Darth Vader to survive but still wanting more power and fame?

Will the light side of the force prevail, with the aid of the "Resistance" (his fan base), to win yet again?  Will he navigate the sand (people) traps of his golf world by blowing up those that criticize his return ( with great scores) ... before the evil empire ( media) take down his home world?

My vision is clouded and the future I do not see.

My best advise for this return of this golf Jedi is to remember the wise words from Master Yoda... "Do or do not. There is no try."

To Better Golf

Jeff Beeman
Golf Enthusiast / Blogger

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Friday, November 25, 2016

The Sunday Par 3 Driving Range Practice Carry Golf Bag


One of the consistent needs to any golf game is the time, location and equipment for practice.

One of the obstacles to achieving those practice goals may be lugging that whole bag of  golf equipment with us when we have other obligations to meet through out the day as well.

Catching a few minute at the range during lunch or after work becomes a much simpler process when we just grab a couple clubs to work on instead of the the distraction of the "whole bag" staring us down.

Practice also becomes much more effective when you just carry the clubs you know you want to work on prior to that big outing coming up next weekend.

Take a moment and check out the "The Sunday, Par 3, Driving Range, Practice, Carry Golf Bag ...


Some of the best and most productive practice days I have played has been using this bag. Walking 9 holes after work or a couple hours before sunset is refreshing and less stressful than lugging the big bag around. ... and it's good exercise!


I enjoy riding carts as much as anybody and I can't play 18 with out one but for the Driving Range, Par 3 Executive Course or walking 9 at the local municipal course, this bag is a perfect addition to your golf equipment inventory.


Jeff Beeman
Golf Enthusiast / Blogger